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    choice you made in Nottagen, the ones you make here only give you a slight variation in progressing the story, the outcome in the end will still be the same: Saying yes twice Once youve made your choice, leave and head. Continue SW for the next ladder, then go to fleurs the S part of the room for a boss battle. Upon returning to the present, there are a few things you can do before setting off to the present version of Buccanham. Youve also accrued plenty of Mini Medals throughout your travels now, so Zoom on over to King Maximos Mansion to get some new items. Return to the casino s first floor and go down the stairs to the west, where youll find the priest. Three more medals will get your a very nice shield. Enter the castle and speak with the soldier blocking the stairs, be sure to speak to the priest here if you need a quick healing fix. Chippendales at Sycuan, casino - El Cajon, California. Walk past the dragon 's head and inspect the red jewel in its eye to obtain a! When you arrive at the convent, head inside and on the second floor open the left drawer for a silk robe. Yellow fragment 19 on the ground next to a large dirt mound.

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