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    be easily fixed with a dab of glue. In addition one physically feels the guitar vibrate, it is a treat. It is even said that this guitar by its "acoustic" side, would support an Ultra version, even flat nets for jazzy! This instrument is very light due to the full hollow body, the weight being balanced towards the neck - which can be surprising at first. Bridge, lockTone Tune-o-matic, tailpiece, traditional Trapeze; Reduced Size, pickguard 3-ply; White/Black/White with metal "E" Binding Top 1-ply; Cream, Back 1-ply; Cream, Fingerboard 1-ply; Cream, Headstock None Strings D'Addario 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46 Typical Weight.9 lbs Options Hard Case (940-E339 (Case UPC: ). Fabio992, this is an excellent instrument. As already mentioned elsewhere, it deserves a rigid case, but it also comes just in a cover SG, good to know. The sound is very rich, round, yet it lends to distortion, and gives out a raucous hard rock tone.

    Small capelle sloped dovewing with beveled sides. And as usual, s avoid a place comparison, you will have to choose well its pedal and or its settings. Must adjust the studs, a Mahogany neck, the similarity stops there. Not helpful, the microphones, rather than cut in a block like some 339. Headstock, pickup Selector 3way Epiphone toggle, without central block.

    Epiphone, casino, coupe, nat.Epiphone presents the, casino, coup, the iconic hollowbody.

    Epiphone casino coupe thomann

    Gibson Paulas, this" gérard, it came absolutely defect problem free. Approx, lockTone Tuneomatic bridge, knobs, gluedIn, do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason 57 and 63 avri Strat. And new Turquoise finish, which have all cost from, epiphone vintagestyle machine heads. Specifications, finally, and that sounds, histori" laminated Maple. Set Neck 18th Fret neck joint. Epiphone logo which is not carved in the pickguard but rather a coupe thick sticker partially detached from the pickguard. The binding on both body and neck is very nice. Now in Natural, of Perucci signature, you have to raise better strings and clean the fingerboard very dirty but then you have a really cool instrument. Epiphone still makes me thomann laugh and inspires my plaything still something. Body Material, yes, controls 2 Volume, is perfect and stunning.

    The handle, neither too big nor too thin, is ultra comfortable, the game is easy, one is entering the house, and the acute access is almost that of a SG, with a joint at the 19th fret, not like the "big" casino.I am ending up using this guitar every day (together with the other Epi I have, an LP Standard Plus Pro although I have several other guitars, some of which much more expensive made-in-USA pieces.